Tips For Growing Long Nails for Nail Art
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By Dee Banheh

Nails are easy to grow out. For a healthy individual, it should take no more than two to three weeks to grow long nails. But it is a challenge to keep them from tearing, chipping and snagging once they are long. Here are some care tips to grow long natural nails perfect for art canvases.


Eat to be healthy

Eating healthy is the foundation of great looking nails and hair. It is better to eat a balanced diet than to eat unhealthy and compensate with supplements. Nails reflect our overall health, which is why a doctor looks at the colour of your nails during a check up. Eat food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like fish and nuts to improve keratin.





Choose a better file

Some nail care tools do more harm than good such as wood cardboard nail files. Cardboard files are cheap and disposable but if you file your nails regularly, try using a glass file instead. Glass files have an abrasive surface that smoothes edges without damaging the nail plate.


Use wood cuticle pushers

Avoid metal cuticle pushers that scrape and mark the surface of the nail. Instead, use disposable birch wood cuticle pushers. Wood pushers are less likely to scrape the nail surface and are more sanitary because they are disposable. When having your nails done, request that the manicurist not use a metal pusher or provide your own wood cuticle pushers.



Nails crack because they dry out. Regularly massage your hands with oils or lotion. There are products specific for moisturizing cuticles. It does not have to be any special product, just be sure you make moisturizing a part of your routine. For those with brittle nails, avoid acetone as a nail polish remover. Acetone is highly volatile and dries very quickly. Instead, use an acetone-free nail polish remover.



Layer with nail products

Ridge fillers, base polish, and top coat polish helps strengthen nails and protects nails from moisture. There are also nail strengtheners sold specifically to keep nails strong while you grow them long.




Round versus Square nails

If you get tears at the edge of the fingers, use a file to shape nails into round shaped tips or the more retro almond shaped tips. This simple change prevents any future edge tearing and snagging.



Wear gloves
Wearing work gloves will save your hands from damage. So be sure to have gloves for all your manual labours – including dish washing, laundry chores, gardening, and mechanical repairs.