How To Sell Nail Art As A Hobby For Part-Time Cash
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By Kirby Bartlett

There are literally hundreds of people looking for others who sell nail art. There could be a variety of reasons for this.

First, people have gotten busier and busier over the years so not a lot of people have the time to do their own manicures with creative designs.

They may only have time to throw a quick coat of polish on and head out the door. Maybe they’ve tried to do their own nail art, but haven’t been happy with the results, or they’ve seen designs that they just haven’t been able to recreate.

I’ve seen some listings on eBay and other online places where people do their own designs and sell the nail art already applied to a set of artificial nails. This is pretty much what you can also find in department stores in the nail polish and beauty sections.

The designs may be nice and the quality of the nails may not be bad, but the selections are all pretty much the same – variations of a French manicure or inverted French manicure, but nothing really all that unique.

Nail wraps, foils and decals are really popular too but again, there are only so many designs available so that leaves the door wide open for new artists to break in with a new little online venture or even set up a small stand at flea markets and craft shows where you have a live audience to sell nail art to.

Have all of your nail art supplies and accessories in a convenient portable display and have a laptop or Netbook computer handy to upload photos as you create your designs. Ask your customers if you can upload their designs to your website, blog or Pinterest wall too. This is a great way to build your portfolio of creative designs.

One idea to sell nail art locally and in person besides craft shows or flea markets is to see about setting up a kiosk at a local carnival. There are usually always little booths set up for face painting and temporary tattoos. Nail art would fit right in!

You can design several sheets of decals to display and sell or you can pre-design some artificial nails to display so people can see your artwork and how it looks on nails once applied.

You can bring a friend along and be doing her nails, putting a different design on each nail, so people can stop by and watch you at work. As you create these new designs, be sure to take and upload photos of them to your website, blog or Pinterest boards so others can see them too.

If you recreate your unique designs on water slide decal paper, you can sell your nail art in the form of sticker sheets too. Just create 10 or 12 of the same design per sheet and sell them in small sticker/decal sheets for a dollar or two.

Just use your imagination and look at nail art as another art form just like face painting or temporary tattoos and you might find a nice little outlet to sell nail art besides just designing it for your own nails.

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